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Why Doughboy

Doughboy invented the very first portable pool over 60 years ago. For quality, longevity, safety, good looks, and versatility, Doughboy still offers the very best in above-ground pools for your backyard.

A-1 Pools sells Doughboy, because we firmly believe that they are the highest quality above-ground pools on the market today. Doughboy pools offer the very best in features and warranties, the greatest selection of sizes to fit every yard, and superior components and construction.

Feel the Doughboy Difference

Doughboy pools feature much heavier gauge steel top rails and verticals than competitors. Doughboy walls are also made with heavier gauge steel and feature more corrugation, 2-3 times the corrugation of competitors' walls. Tighter corrugation means more steel used in manufacturing. Doughboy walls literally weigh 50-100% more than competitors' walls. These are exceptionally strong and durable walls!

When you feel a Doughboy liner, alongside a non-Doughboy above-ground liner, you will immediately notice the markedly superior thickness and pliability. Doughboy liners literally weigh 50-100% more than competitors' liners. These are exceptionally strong and durable liners! Doughboy liners deserve their own page! Click here to learn more.

We Encourage You to Stop by A-1 Pools' Showroom to Get a Real "Feel" for the Doughboy Difference!

Honest Measurements

Doughboy's manufacturer, Hoffinger, doesn't play games with its customers. Some pool manufacturers measure up the side of the top rail, across the top, and back down the other side to obtain their "top rail" measurements. Doughboy top rail measurements are legitimate, measuring straight across the top of the ledge. With Doughboy, 7 inches means 7 inches!

Likewise, Doughboy liners are a true 20 mil or 25 mil in thickness throughout. Many competitors' liners are 20 mil only at the seam, or only 20 gauge (not mil). With Doughboy, 20 mil means 20 mil!

Doughboy Does Seams Better

The wall seam is potentially the weakest point of an above-ground pool. Other above-ground pools utilize an overlap method at the seam, which requires bolts and gaps between bolts. With the overlap method, the seam is only as strong as the weakest bolt.

If one bolt goes, the remaining bolts become overstressed and the seam will fail. An overlap seam also results in an unsightly bulge beneath the pool liner. Doughboy does seams better. Each end of a Doughboy wall is knuckled over, and one continuous steel slide bar connects the two ends, creating a much stronger, more durable seam, with no gaps and no unsightly bulge.

Superior Rust Protection

Doughboy pools are manufactured with multiple layers of rust protection. Epoxy coating is usually only found on high end in-ground pools. Doughboy goes beyond the usual, applying Epoxy coating, in addition to their hot-dipped galvanizing process. Epoxy coating allows a pool owner time to find a problem and correct it before rusting occurs. Doughboy also offers a non-prorated full lifetime warranty on the bottom rail.

The Business End of the Pool

Doughboy quality goes beyond superior frame and wall construction to include the best in skimmers, the "business end of the pool". Doughboy skimmers simply make maintenance easier. Other skimmers utilize a vacuum plate, which requires bringing the hose above water level. This creates the potential for air bubbles in your hose, which can then end up in your pump, creating pumping problems. Vacuuming your pool doesn't have to be this difficult. Instead, Doughboy's vacuum connection is under the water; just plug in and start vacuuming-no fuss. Additionally, Doughboy skimmer basket is 3 times the capacity of competitors' skimmer baskets, which means more time between cleanings, and less time on pool maintenance.

Doughboy Pumps

Double insulated Doughboy pumps are safer and do not require a bonding wire. Pump motors, protected from the elements with double insulation, also last longer.

*We highly recommend a dual speed pump for significant energy savings and quieter operation. With a dual speed pump, whether you are relaxing with family, vacuuming, or enjoying a pool party, you are able to adjust your pump speed and dial in exponential energy savings. A dual speed pump will actually pay for itself in energy savings within a couple of years!

Doughboy Filter Systems

Other manufacturers offer only a one-year warranty on their filter systems. Doughboy offers a 3-year full warranty on their filter systems (5-year warranty if purchased with pool). This gives a Doughboy customer 3-5 times the amount of full coverage before proration, as compared to other manufacturers.

Premier Doughboy Dealer-How Do Customers Benefit?

A-1 Pools is a Premier Doughboy dealer, which means, not only do we have to meet certain Doughboy standards, but also that we must be able to service and install Doughboy pools. Additionally, when customers buy from a Premier Doughboy Dealer, they receive an enhanced warranty of 5 years vs. 3 years full coverage before proration begins (on prorated components).

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