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Inground Pool Complete Opening



Choose the week you would like your pool opened:
Choose an alternate week for your pool opening:
Indicate the type of winter cover on your pool.:
Solid Cover Mesh Safety Cover (Save $50 At Check Out)
Optional: Sand filter media replacement service (for up to 300# tanks):
Replace with silica sand ($200) Replace with Zeolite ($300)
Optional: Auto cover maintenance service (add $250)
Optional: Spa opening service w/ Pool Opening (add $199)
Optional: Concrete Pools - Drain and chemically clean pool surface ($300)
Special Notes/Requests:
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Enjoy the convenience and assurance of having an expert take care of this annual chore. Complete Pool Opening Service is our most popular opening service for inground pools and addresses everything in the Basic Service (connecting equipment, reinstalling light, ladder and handrails and adding initial chlorine & algaecide) plus, removal & brush cleaning of the winter cover and vacuuming the pool for up to 1 hour.

Indicate which style of winter cover you have. Mesh safety covers save $50.

Designate the week you would like to open your pool as your 1st choice and choose an alternate week as your 2nd choice. Pools opened in April receive a $30 discount. To qualify, your 1st & 2nd choices must be in April.

You will be notified by email once your opening has been tentatively scheduled. This date is subject to change, until we will call to confirm at least 24 hours before opening. You can check with us any time for a schedule update.

Replacing Filter Sand can be ordered by checking the box and choosing if you want to fill with silica sand or Zeolite. Zeolite improves filtration & lasts longer. Under normal usage conditions, sand should be replaced every 3 years & Zeolite every 5 years. The price on the service order includes the sand or Zeolite up to 300#.

Auto Cover Maintenance can be ordered by checking the box and includes cleaning the cover, application of cover protection treatment, vacuuming the equipment pit, greasing the fittings and an overall inspection.

Full Drain & Chemical Cleaning is available for concrete pools that need a little extra TLC and can be ordered with your pool opening by checking the box. This includes draining the pool and chemically cleaning the sides and bottom to remove scale and stains.

Prepare For Opening

Prior to a complete pool opening service, most water should be removed from solid winter covers. Failure to remove this water prior to opening will result in an additional labor charge. Our service techs will need access to an outside water hose connection, electrical outlets and all your pool's equipment. Failure to provide access will result in an additional trip charge to complete the work.

After Your Pool Is Open

After opening, you must begin maintaining your pool right away. This includes balancing the pH, Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness, Cyanuric Acid (Stabilizer) and Phosphates. Failure to balance and maintain the water will result in premature failures. Bring a water sample to A-1 Pools for a free analysis 3 to 4 days after the pool has been opened for advice on balancing your pool water.|Be on alert for freezing temperatures in the spring after opening. If freezing temperatures occur, prevent freezing by keeping your filter system on always.

  • Connect pump, filter & heater to inground pool

  • Reinstall light, ladder and handrails

  • Add Chlorine Shock & Algaecide

  • Pool cover removed and brush cleaned

  • Pool walls brushed

  • Pool bottom vacuumed for up to 1 hour

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