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ProTeam Spa Brom Start, 1 pt


Code: CPTML-738P68

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Starting a spa with Bromine? Brom Start will help you get started and eliminate down time by instantly creating a bromide reserve in your spa. Brom Start’s liquid formulation quickly goes into solution and often a single time application to the spa is all that is needed.

Broadcast over entire spa water surface with pump running. Add 2 ounces for every 100 gallons of water on new fills. Introduce Brominating Tabs into the spa in a dispensing device and adjust to maintain 3-5 ppm of bromine.
Killing bacteria is key to spa maintenance.

In a spa, sanitizers are added to control the growth of bacteria and algae. The warm water environment of the spa is conducive to growth, making sanitization essential to having a clean spa that is suitable for bathers. Although the chemical reactions that occur to sanitize a spa are the same as in a pool, the reactions in a spa happen at a much faster rate. Chemicals become more reactive and tend to be used up more quickly than in a pool, requiring frequent chemical additions to maintain proper sanitizer residuals.

  • Liquid formulation to quickly go into solution

  • Often a single time application to the spa

  • Instantly creates a bromide reserve in your spa

  • Eliminates down time

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    Chemical Size
    1 pint Bottle

    Chemical Type

    Haviland / ProTeam

    Product Type
    Spa Chemical

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