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SPA PURGE attacks the root cause of most spa maintenance problems, the buildup of non-living organic waste contamination in plumbing. Oils, lotions, cosmetics, hair products, sweat and other non-living organics build up in spa water to produce cloudy water, hard to maintain water chemistry, clogged filters, foaming and nasty waterline rings. These contaminants build up in the spa circulation system and filters. By purging the spa, the symptoms of non-living organic contamination will be reduced or eliminated.
Use Purge before a spa drain and refill. Cleans Where You Can't!
Directions for use:
1. Remove cartridge filter elements.
2. With spa water temperature at 95F or higher and circulation running, add entire contents of 33.9 ounce Spa Purge bottle to spa water.
3. Run jets for a minimum of 5 minutes. Note: If foaming becomes excessive, turn jets off. Some foaming is expected during the purge process.
4. Maintain water temperature at 95F and allow spa to circulate overnight with jets off.
5. Drain and rinse/clean the spa surface. Refill the spa and reinstall clean filter elements.
6. Proceed with normal maintenance.

  • Restores spa plumbing to original condition

  • Helps clean spa plumbing of non-living organic waste

  • Uses SMARTZyme technology

  • Perfect for use before spa drain and refill

  • Helps reduce clogged filters, foaming, unpleasant odors, and more

  • Compatible with all sanitizing systems

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    Chemical Size
    1 Liter Bottle

    Chemical Type

    Natural Chemistry

    Product Type
    Spa Chemical

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