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Revive - 32 Oz



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REVIVE!® is a multi-action product that removes phosphates (algae food), metals including copper and iron, scaling carbonates, organic debris and other contaminants that cause cloudy water. It is formulated for use on new pool startups, replaster / remodel / refills, spring openings, abandoned pools, severe algae cleanups and ongoing maintenance of all swimming pools.

REVIVE!® is compatible with all pool chemicals, sanitizers and finishes and does not require any pre-balancing or pre-treatments. Plus, it will not cloud the water or stain pool decks.
Clean-up phosphate build-up, severe algae, metals, or scaling (filled pool):
If algae is present, brush walls and shock pool prior to application (for best results, circulate for 60 minutes). Turn off pump/filter system. Attach a garden hose to REVIVE!® bottle and spray entire contents over pool surface (5-7 minutes). Wait 24-48 hours for debris to settle to pool bottom then slowly vacuum to waste. After vacuuming, run filter for 24 hours.
TIPS: Highly contaminated pools typically require 2 or more bottles. Allow additional time for REVIVE!® to work in cold water. REVIVE!® cannot be overdosed – the more used, the more contaminants are removed. Rarely, particles may collect on the surface – just spray with a garden hose to break them up.

  • REVIVE!® does the work of several products – phosphate remover, metal treatment and clarifier

  • Ideal for well water

  • Perfect for soft side pools at startup

  • Removes orthophosphates up to 2000 ppb

  • Removes copper and iron up to 2.0 ppm

  • Captures scaling carbonates

  • Clears water of organic debris

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    1 Quart Bottle

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    Pool Chemical

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