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Just like your car parts, your pool and spa equipment has a life expectancy. As your car ages, its need for parts’ repairs increases. The same is true of your pool and spa equipment. In fact, the need for repairs to equipment such as pool heaters, pumps, and filters, is usually a result of using the equipment past its life expectancy. These repairs add up and often cost you more than a planned equipment replacement.

Is Your Equipment Past Its Prime?

Equipment Average Life Expectancy
Heater 8-10 Years
Pump 8-10 Years
Filter 8-10 Years
Chemical Dispensers 3-5 Years
Salt Cell 3-5 Years

(Indoor equipment may last longer if stored properly - no chlorine equipment room, etc.)

Life expectancy varies for other equipment on your pad. Contact A-1 Pools’ service department for more information on equipment life expectancy.

It is best to replace the big three (heater, pump, and filter) at the same time. You will save significantly on service and installation costs and end up with a cohesive, smoothly running equipment pad. Warranty enhancement is also offered by many manufacturers when all three equipment pieces are replaced at once. Special financing is available (such as 0% financing) to allow you to reap the savings and benefits of all-at-once replacement while still spreading out the costs.

Why Not Just Replace My Equipment When It Breaks?

Not only can sinking repair money into older equipment cost you more than a planned replacement, waiting until something breaks before replacing it is inherently inconvenient. Equipment breaks when it is most needed, of course, while in use!

Imagine this all-too-common scenario. Your daughter’s graduation party is this weekend. You attempt to turn your 10-year-old pool heater on for the first time this season. Nothing. You are left scrambling to have a new heater installed within the next 24 hours, or face the wrath of a teenage girl (and worse yet, her tears!) The moral of the story? Plan pool equipment replacement!

What Can I Do to Help My Equipment Reach Its Life Expectancy?

Proactive maintenance is the key to helping your equipment reach its normal life expectancy as well as to reducing emergency service calls (keeping in mind that beyond normal life expectancy, maintenance and repair costs are better spent on equipment replacement.)

Common Maintenance Needs

  • Heater should be maintained and cleaned every 1-3 years
  • Pump should be checked for proper power consumption, noise level and running temperature
  • Equipment pad should be checked for leaks and scale buildup, and gaskets and O-rings replaced regularly

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