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Pool & spa service related articles.

COVID-19: STAY HEALTHY – Open & properly maintain your pool/spa, it’s essential.

First and foremost, we wish you, and everyone, the best during this health crisis and want to thank you for doing your part to keep everyone as safe as possible while we all seek to slow the spread of COVID-19. 


Drain & Refill Your Spa Every 4 Months

As you use your spa, the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) continue to rise because of bather use and water treatment chemicals.  Contamination from perspiration, body oils, cosmetics, etc. increase the total dissolved solids.  Minerals from the source water and dissolved


Always Remove Excess Water from Your Tarp Style Winter Cover

It is vital to remove excess water from solid tarp style winter covers, commonly used on above-ground and some in-ground pools,  to avoid damage to the cover and the pool.  This can easily be done with a submersible pump on


Keep Your Hot Tub from Freezing

Find out how to prevent or limit freeze damage if you find your spa not heating and review several tips for prevention.  Common problems leading to freeze damage include dirty/expired filter(s), water level too low, circulation pump failure, tripped GFCI causing no power


Plan to Save

Just like your car parts, your pool and spa equipment has a life expectancy. As your car ages, its need for parts’ repairs increases. The same is true of your pool and spa equipment. In fact, the need for repairs


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