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We suggest draining and refilling your spa every 4 months to keep your spa water clean and easy to manage.  The service professionals at A-1 Pools can complete this task for you.  Some customers enjoy the bennefit of this service every four months while others utlize this service as a once a year thourough cleaning while they do their own drain and refills the rest of the year.

Upon arrival, our technician will first verify the functions on your spa topside control are working properly and there are no signs of visible leaks in the equipment area.  Then we will shut off the power to the spa, remove the filter and begin cleaning the filter.  While we drain the spa we will physically clean the spa surface with our natural enzyme based cleaner and finish by rinsing the spa interior thouroughly.  While he spa is filling we will clean the cover with our gentle but effective enzyme based cleaner and treat vinyl covers with 303 Protectant to protect against UV from fading and drying your vinyl cover.  Once the spa is filled, we will install the cleaned filter, turn the spa on, verify the spa is functioning and begin balancing your water (you will still need to continue balancing your pH & Alkalnity after the service is completed).  If temperatures permit, we will also hose off and wipe down the spa exterior and spa steps.

  • Easy Maintenance
    A-1 Pools does the work for you so you can focus on enjoying your spa!

  • Complete Cleaning
    Our professional staff will clean your spa filter, your spa surface, spa cover and begin balancing the water for you.

  • Save On Chemicals
    Replacing your spa every 3-4 months makes managing your water easier which requires less weekly maintenance chemicals than struggling to maintain old water.

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