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UV Shield, 8#, Pro Team


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ProTeam UV Shield protects chlorine in the pool water from the biggest consumer of chlorine in outdoor swimming pools - Ultraviolet light (UV).
Directions: One (1) pound of UV Shield will increase pool water cyanuric acid level by 12 ppm. Ideal levels of UV Shield (cyanuric acid) are between 30 -50 ppm. If you sanitize with stabilized chlorine tablets such as Tri-chlor, or stabilized chlorine granular such as Di-chlor, you should keep in mind that these products contain cyanuric acid will cause your level to rise throughout the season. If you these sanitizers, you should balance your UV Shield (cyanuric acid) level to 30 ppm at the start of the season. If you use non-stabilized chlorine as your primary sanitizer, such as calcium hypochlorite, liquid chlorine or salt water chlorination, than balance your pool water UV Shield (cyanuric acid) level to 50ppm. Cyanuric acid products are slow to dissolve which is why we recommend placing your dosage into nylon stockings which can be hung into the pool near the return fittings. Applying your dosage this way prevents clogging pipes and ensure all product makes it into the pool water as opposed to sitting on the pool bottom and/or being cleaned out of your filter. Other dosage application options are on the package.
When non-stabilized sanitizers such as calcium hypochlorite tablets or sodium hypochlorite (salt water pools and liquid chlorine) are being used, the recommended range for cyanuric acid in your pool water is 40-60ppm. However, stabilized tri-chlor tablets (most common) and di-chlor contain cyanuric acid which causes levels to increase through the season; as such, it is recommended to initially balance to a level of 25-30ppm at the start of the season. Cyanuric acid does not get consumed in the pool and can only effectively be reduced through dilution. High levels can reduce effectiveness of chlorine as a sanitizer. What is too high remains debated within the pool industry but we suggest that 60-100ppm is in the questionable range and anything higher should be reduced. Please keep in mind that commercial pools may be required to have lower levels, or even no levels, of cyanuric acid – this varies by municipality.

  • Increases chlorine effectiveness

  • Prevents unnecessary loss of chlorine due to the sun

  • Reduces chlorine consumption

  • Most swimming pools will apply only once a season

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    Chemical Size
    8 lb Pail

    Chemical Type

    ProTeam / Haviland

    Product Type
    Pool Chemical

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